Kian’s Progress

As you are already aware Kian, Katie and I fly out to New York on a regular basis for Kian’s life saving treatment.  

As this treatment is not available on the NHS in the UK we are having to pay for this in the USA.  This is an update on our financial situation, Kian’s USA treatment so far and a synopsis on how your very generous donations could help.

We went to New York for Kian to be treated with hu3f8 which is a type of immunotherapy.  Kian endured five rounds.  Each round had an interval of two weeks but Kian had many tests in between,  He also has numerous blood tests so medics can analyse how his body is reacting to the treatment.

After two rounds of hu3f8, Kian’s body unfortunately rejected the treatment.  Therefore Doctor’s have had to administer Irrinotecan, Temzolomide, Cyclophosphamide (chemotherapy drugs) and Rituxan (an antibody therapy) to flatten Kian’s immunity in order that his body couldn’t attack the hu3f8.  His antibodies were originally attacking the hu3f8 vital treatment and that is why Rituxan has had to be used to prevent this.  

Due to Kian experiencing many chemotherapies his stem cell count was very low.  This concerned Doctors in case it wouldn’t rise back up due to so much past damage from previous chemotherapies.  Medical staff then discovered Kian had no stem cells backed up in the UK.  They advised Kian should have a stem cell harvest in case his stem cells (what he had left) would receive more damage in his subsequent schedule of treatment.  It was a priority to get a stem cell harvest when we could which then cost us extra money.

Current Financial Breakdown

It cost $55,000 for round one of Irrinotecan, Temzolomide, Cyclophosphamide and Rituxan.

Same again for round two $55,000.

And then again for round three but as Kian needed the stem cell harvest (which took 5 days of inpatient stay) this was billed at $104,000.

After all of this Kian has had three more rounds of hu3f8 and he is currently on a vaccine trial.  We thankfully had the very generous help of Simon Cowell and his team for seven months.  Now we need help to pay these bills to save my Son’s life and give him the best chance of survival.  

This American treatment is our only option.  

We currently owe over $200,000.
We will need further funds for at least another year of treatments.
We also need to pay for flights to NYC and accommodation whilst we are there.
Treatment so far has been around $1,000,000.

There shouldn’t be a price on saving a child’s life through this treatment but the reality is that there is and we appreciate any donations, fundraising and support.  

Please share this post and donate whatever you can we are so grateful, thank you.  

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