Thank you Simon Cowell

Thank You for Everything!

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Simon Cowell (and his team) for all the help he has given Kian, Katie and I. Simon has made such a huge, generous and significant contribution helping to save my Son’s life.

There aren’t words to describe how eternally grateful we are. Simon helped towards treatment costs, accommodation expenses, flights ensuring we travelled in comfort when facing the most challenging time of our lives.  I don’t know what we would have done without him.

I feel I need to make clear now that as Simon has so generously helped us he can understandably only help so much and he has done all he can.

We currently have debts of $214,000 which have mounted up from Kian’s treatment.  As if dealing with Kian’s treatment isn’t daunting enough we have to pay for accommodation whilst  in New York, flights, food etc etc. Financial pressure when all I am trying to do is save my son’s life. Donations from the public are very much need to help Kian win his fight against this awful disease.

Thank you so much to all who have donated and are supporting my family and I.  We are so grateful for the support during this tough time. Please share and donate as much as you are able.  It means so much and we need Kian to be able to finish his treatment so he has the best chance of survival.

We will not give up.

Love Kat.

How you can help...

Want to make a REAL difference?

Kian and Kat appreciate all the support and help you have already given, and are both eternally grateful.

Unfortunately, Kian still needs your help.
Treatment continues, and debts still need to be paid.
If, like us,  you feel you want to help in any way possible then please read on…

About Kian

After a week in hospital, kians parents were told that their innocent baby boy had neuroblastoma cancer and it was high risk stage 4 + MYCN cell (most aggressive form). The cancer started above his left kidney on an adrenal gland where a tumour had developed and the cancer had spread to all his bones, bone marrow and a lymph node next to his adrenal gland. 27 tumours showed up in total all over his tiny little body. They have been told he has a 50/50 chance of survival during treatment and if his treatment is successful, there is an 80% chance of a relapse (cancer returning).

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